Longarm and other services


Below you will find the work order form which clients use to order longarming or other services.  Most quilts turn around in 3 to 6 weeks, custom quilting may take longer. After the work order form is completed, save it to your computer. Next, print out a hard copy and attach it to your quilt top then you may either deliver it to us or ship it to us.

Fillable Work Order Form




One thought on “Longarm and other services

  1. I just happened to stump upon your sight on quilting. I am John Hewson’s 4th great grand daughter. No i do not do quilting nor have had the time to do. I am very proud of my ancestor and of his accomplishments in London and here in the USA. If you go into http://www.kenmilano you can check his descendants chart and see my name. Lynne J. KERESTY-HERITAGE. Ben Franklin was sent to England to bring his father Peter Hewson and brother Dr. William Hewson to Philly who hid bodies in walls on Carven Street with Ben. Mother England put a tariff on anyone leaving with tools of trades and that is how John got here. So in essence everyone is an immigrant to the USA; but my family are requested immigrants! My sister and I have studied our family all the way back and it is interesting on what we already knew. Happy quilting.

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