Lectures and Workshops


Quilt Stories:  Bring your quilt(s) old or new and learn about the fabrics, the designers, the pattern, and the history.   Every quilt, no matter the size, age, or condition tells stories and I want to share those stories with you.  Each participant should bring 1 to 2 quilts which we can discuss.

Indigo Fusion Quilts:  Explore the origins and uses of the versatile and ancient Indigo dye.  Part travelogue and part history, see examples of indigo in textiles from Asia, Africa, and from early American quilts through slides and a trunk show.  Learn how to take textiles purchased on your own travels and make them into quilts which join together cultural traditions.

Dating Quilts:  Learn to recognize some of the characteristics of fabrics, dyes and quilts throughout 250 years of quilt history.  Using fabric samples and your own quilts we will discuss how to date a quilt.  We will also talk about collecting quilts and how to build a collection of quilts.  Each participant should bring 1 to 2 quilts which we can discuss.

Espionage, Poisons, and Quilts:  Come hear stories about the not-so-savory sides of quilt history.  Learn some fascinating tales about the origins of colors, prints and  weaving in the United States.  We will bust myths and enjoy some hysterical history.


Foundation Paper Piecing:   Create stunning quilts which will have your family and friends asking, “How did you do that?”  Create pointy points accurately with low frustration.  This class is perfect for all levels of quilter.