Quilt Design a Day–Getting back in the groove

My designs slowed down in September and October.  I wasn’t able to design every day, but I am getting back in the swing in November.  With these 30 designs I have earned my “150 day badge” with Quilt Design a Day.

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Experiencing ‘quilter’s block’ is no fun!  I think that most of the block was due to an increase in family obligations, septic issues (yuk) and the inspiration pictures we were using on Qdad were getting stale (I lost count of the photos of the same geode, lol).  Our Qdad leader, Anne Sullivan, switched us over to member contributed photos.  Every day I am excited about the design inspiration and the palettes which go along with them.  My turn to post photos will come right after Christmas.  I am exited about some new projects in the months to come and, hopefully, some blog hops with the irrepressible Madame Samm.  Please stay with me on my journey.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival and Wacky Witchy Way

I’m entering Wacky Witchy Way into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival which starts today.  Voting will start November 1.


I was inspired by the great fabric line from Maywood Studios, Black Cat Crossing.  Although it is a Halloween seasonal fabric line, most of the prints are very versatile and can be used in many quilt applications.  My houses could be witches are wearing hats put on with flair.  Or, my witches could be houses with crackled eyes.  I made free-motion free-standing lace spider webs, there is a tutorial here.  The spider web quilting is a design by Jessica Schick.


Witchy Closeup


I will be adding my link to the Original Design Category in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  Don’t forget to vote!


Black Cat Crossing….Beware, mwhahahah

The fearless Wicked Wendy is leading us on a blog hop featuring Black Cat Crossing by Maywood Studio starting October 20.  Stop back and see the ‘wacky witchy’ way I’m quilting up a Halloween quilt and a tutorial and a bonus project on October 23.


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Have a quilty day and watch for wacky witches!!


October Quilt Design a Day

After a short break from Quilt Design a Day to deal with a multitude of small homegrown emergencies and school activities, I’m posting regularly again.  Our challenge photo inspiration palettes are now provided by our members.  How exciting!!  It is so wonderful to have a variety of inspiration.  Thank you!!  I will be contributing photos in December, I’m already thinking about ideas.  Here are some of my designs from the past week:

Have a quilty day!


See you in September!!


Welcome Blog Hoppers!  Whoosh!! This summer flew by, it seems like only yesterday that school was out and summer camp was in session. Now it is time to pick apples and to think about canning the summer’s harvest. I was very busy longarm quilting for my wonderful clients, but not so busy that I couldn’t work on my own projects.


I also worked on my ‘Quilting Bucket List’ and completed a Log Cabin quilt.  I designed the quilt using EQ7 and used only scraps to complete it.  Do you have patterns or quilts on your ‘bucket’ list?


“Long May She Wave” is a quilt using improvisational curves.  I cut fabric using various curved rulers then joined them using bias tape.  It was so much fun to sit and play.  The colors of the quilt will always remind me of summer–July 4, strawberries, blueberries, sunshine…


I loved using the very wonderful Riley Blake Design fabrics in the ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ Place Mats which I designed for today’s post.  The ‘his’ place mat features mustache fabric, also Riley Blake Designs, and the ‘hers’ place mat features dimensional flowers made of yo-yo’s and gathered flowers. I quilted them with my walking foot using a decorative stitch (‘hers’–serpentine with a loop) and channel stitching (‘his’). I used the large red and white gingham from Riley Blake for the backing and small black and white gingham for the binding.

I hope you have made projects and memories over the summer too.  Thank you Mdm. Samm and Shari. Please visit the other ‘See you in September’ bloggers listed below and have a quilty day!!

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Quilt Design a Day–30 day badge

Yes, I’ve finally earned my 30 day badge on Quilt Design a Day.  Some designs are definitely better than others, some took more time than others, some are more sewable than others, but it feels so good to look back over the last 30 days/60 designs.

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I decided to do QDAD as a way to challenge myself to design more.  I plan on continuing because I like the challenge, the structure and the feedback on my designs.  My next goal is to write some patterns and make some quilts.

Have a quilty day!!



The Design Doldrums




I am trying to do at least one Quilt Design a Day on Facebook.  Each day two palettes are chosen based on two photographs and then we are challenged to design at least one quilt, not spending more the 15-20 minutes on a design.  Today’s photo was taken from Design Seeds, it is a picture of the side of a building:  turquoise shutters with orange and blue siding.  Some days I jump for joy, because the palettes are so beautiful, or the inspiration photo is so beautiful; other days I just say to my self, “huh?? how am I going to use that color scheme?”  I saw today’s colors from the above photo and wondered if maybe I should go wash the dishes!  🙂

I looked at the photo, noticed the slats in the shutters and the lines of the colored siding.  I  tried several blocks which had similar lines, none of which seemed right to me.  I went in search of inspiration and searched for photos of American Southwest art.  I frequently look at art or photos to inspire me.  Most of the time I will pick up a shape, an idea, or a play on words, etc. which will jump start my brain.  Today, I saw a photo of a rug and thought I could adapt that to a block design  and this design was born:


I was so relieved that I had come up with something, I quickly posted it…and then regretted.  I liked the horizontal lines, the feeling of movement, but I wasn’t completely happy.   I walked away and enjoyed a really stupid movie with my sick son.  (No, his illness was not caused by looking at this quilt!)  I definitely achieved a feeling of movement (maybe too much) in the quilt, when I really wanted to create more minimal design.  I needed to edit.  My next thought was to add some negative space, although I’m not sure that orange is that negative space and I rotated  half of the blocks 90 degrees.



I think my “editing” further complicated my “minimal” design.  I looked some more at the original photo.  I thought that the shutters and the orange siding were important in the original photo, so the quilt should reference them.   As a result I drew the slats of the shutters, I placed them off-center to the left of the block and chose the darker blue as the background, and then placed the orange.   A minimal design.  It is so simple, why does it seem so difficult??  Which design do you like best?



How do you get inspiration?

Have a quilty day,



Pie in the Sky, A Finish !!


At times I felt like this quilt would never be finished–the cutting seemed to take forever and the sewing seemed to take forever.  The pattern I used was taken from Kim Diehl’s book Simple Comforts.   I used up a collection of assorted civil war reproduction fat quarters, unfortunately, it seems like the bins of reproduction fabrics have not reduced in number.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I joined in with a group of friends to make Pie in the Sky, the challenge was to make it completely with stash and I met that challenge.  I used about 60 fat quarters (with some 2 1/2″  strips and squares left over).  Kim’s directions were well written and clear.  However, if I were to make the quilt again I would use some strip piecing methods to be more efficient, especially with the sashing.  I arranged the blocks and the sashing on my design wall very carefully, and then took it off, accidentally turned some of the blocks, and sashing.  Instead of ripping, I decided that that was just a ‘happy accident’ and went on.  I don’t think anyone can tell and that is the beauty of Kim’s design.  I quilted it with an allover floral/paisley/meander which just adds texture and lets the fabric shine.

051514Pie in the sky 5


Have a quilty weekend!!