Art with Fabric Blog Hop–Landscape with Birds

I have always loved the artist, Paul Klee, so when Alida invited me to join the Art with Fabric Blog Hop, I jumped at the chance.  Alida asked us to choose ‘a’ work of art to inspire our textile creations.  I couldn’t choose just one!!

Instead, I chose two pieces by Paul Klee:

The first is titled, “Landscape with Yellow Birds,” and the second is “Fire in the Evening Sky.”(Museum of Modern Art, New York).  Of course, one can’t have two without three so I found a poem on Jill Berry Design‘s blog which really spoke to me about hope.

Shuntaro Tanikawa (1931-    )

there are birds
so there is sky
there is sky
so there are balloons
there are balloons
so children are running
children are running
so there is laughter
there is laughter
so there is sadness
so there is prayer
and ground for kneeling
there is ground
so water is flowing
and there’s today and tomorrow
there is a yellow bird
so with all colors forms and movements
there is the world

Paul Klee’s ‘Fire in the Evening Sky’  inspired me to construct my landscape with horizontal lines.  Our beautiful sunsets over the Mississippi river this summer gave me a color scheme.  My birds are drawn from the ‘Birds in Air” block:


I inserted triangle birds into my landscape–red, for the cardinals which visit my yard, and a yellow bird to add color and hope.



I chose a quilting design which also used horizontal lines and triangles.  In addition, I drew yellow and red birds with big stitch hand quilting.  Finally, I added some random big stitch quilting lines to add spark and interest.


I used pearl cotton thread and a chenille needle to do my ‘big stitches’.  I also used a thimble–which, in my opinion, is necessary when doing any type of hand quilting.

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Bird Tree Hop, Signs of Spring???

Thank you Mme Samm and Lana from It Seams to be Sew for organizing the Tree Bird blog hop.  When I saw the blog button for this hop I knew that I had to participate–and the fabric, designed by Tracy Lizotte for Elizabeth Studio did not disappoint me.  It is wonderful and the birds look so beautiful.


I couldn’t limit myself to one project and I had multiple ideas for a blog post, including a bloopers edition (since put aside–things that are funny in the middle of the night, tend not to be funny during the day, lol).  I’ll share some tips on using panels with you and show you how I used these panels.  First I made a quilt featuring panels from the Beautiful Bird line, including a tree panel, which mysteriously looks like it could have been drawn from my back yard.



I thought that the tree looked like it needed some feathered friends so I liberally added birdhouses and birds using raw edge, fusible applique.   Fussy cutting and applique are wonderful ways to use fabric panels.  Small panels also look wonderful as the focal point or center in a pieced block.  For accuracy cut the panels with a ruler rather than relying on the printed marks on the fabric.


I designed the quilt specifically for the bird panels so each block featured a different panel.  Once I started quilting I knew that this would be a great place to practice some of my quilting skills, including stitching in the ditch and fills.  Panels are wonderful places to practice your quilting skills–let loose and let your creativity flow!


The quilting gives the birds dimension and life.  Of course, one can’t have birds without feathers, so I quilted a feather border and some cardinals in the alternating blocks.  Quilting designs should reference fabric and piecing/applique designs.




We love watching the birds while sitting at the table, so placing them in a table runner was a logical choice.  I wanted to practice a binding with non-90 degree angles so I drafted  a hexagon, and placed a bird panel into each side.  In order to place a panel into a larger pattern piece, border it with additional fabric, then cut the ‘made’ fabric using the pattern.  Using projects made with panels to practice new techniques and skills saves time–and looks great!


In addition to the table runner, I took an ‘orphan’ block of machine embroidery and bordered it with birds to make a bread warmer.  The feather-y embroidery design by Sew Swell Designs compliments the birds.  You can use orphan blocks, machine embroidery, or even large fabric motifs like a fabric panel.


The bread warmer rests on the branches of our wonderful cherry tree, which gives us at least one pie full of cherries each year as long as we pick them before the birds!  Yes, that is snow.  Although I can’t boast of 8 foot snow banks in my drive like fellow blog hopper, Teatime Creations , snow falling and winter weather advisories still aren’t great news for the first weekend of Spring.  Someone saw a robin, the first harbinger of Wisconsin spring, this week (hopefully it wasn’t a rumor).  Working with this beautiful line has certainly made me long for warmer temperatures, gardens and outdoor activities.  Please be sure to visit these wonderful blogs for more of the blog hop:

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We Support You!! Eight Days A Week!

Thank you so much Madame Samm and Pat Broe for such a fun pattern and blog hop.  We all used this wonderful retro pattern by Madame Samm, which you can purchase by e-mailing her: for $12.00.  Madame Samm created the pattern and the original quilt to help a friend who was facing a cancer diagnosis.  Throughout the blog hop I have read touching and interesting stories about each blogger’s experience with cancer or other serious illness.  Every project has been touching and thoughtful.


When I first signed up for the hop I was clueless about what I was going to create, although I thought it should be fun, practical and inspiring.  Our family has experienced a lot of loss, cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, heart disease…. I would love to give each one of those who I’ve lost one more hug.  However, with each of those losses I was fortunate to see family members care for each other.  My quilt is for the care givers.  Those are the people who care–Eight Days a Week, 25 hours a day.  I was inspired by The Beatles song “Eight Days a Week” by Paul McCartney and John Lennon:

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me

I ain’t got nothing but love, babe

Eight days a week

Eight days a week

I love you

Eight days a week

Is not enough to show I care


I was also inspired by an exhibit of ‘envelope’ quilts which were made for Veterans and shown at the AQS show in Paducah last year.  Each block had an envelope pocket made of fabric into which people added notes, or gift cards, or other trinkets.  Earlier in the year a group of friends created a friendship quilt for one of us who had been experiencing health issues.  Each of us wrote a message on our block to encourage her.  All of these ideas tumbled around in my brain until I had a lightbulb moment!  I made each of the bra cups, fully lined and padded :), into a little pocket, just the right size for a little note of encouragement or a gift card.  Because each caregiver ‘loves’ Eight Days a Week, there is a bra for each of those days.  In keeping with the retro feeling, I hand embroidered each with the days of the week..
And yes, there is an ‘itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini’ in there as well, because we all need to laugh and smile, even if it is through tears.  You may notice some of the straps are twisted and some bras are a little lopsided, because my sense of humor is twisted and lopsided, er, not my sewing.
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We Support You Blog Hop

Where did January go??  Usually it is the darkest, coldest, ‘put your head down and slog through it’ month of the year.  Yes it is still, dark, still cold, snow is still on the ground, but it has also been filled with beauty–crisp winter days with blue skies so intense that photos just don’t do it justice.  I’ll be joining the “We Support You” blog hop on February 5.  Here is the schedule:

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We’ll show you projects and ideas to support loved ones going through cancer or other medical treatment.  The “We Support You” Friendship Quilt Pattern is available for purchase for $12.00 by emailing Madame Samm directly to

Have a quilty day!!

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