On the Longarm Today–Minkee

I love quilting Minkee,  my machine likes it and the back shows off quilting stitches beautifully.  The picture above is the back of a traditional spools quilt.  The nap (the raised thread) of Minkee and it’s polyester thread reflects light and shadow.  It is also soft, cuddly and warm…as the temperatures continue to drop here in Wisconsin I will be pulling out everything that is warm!


I used an edge to edge feather design in the center of the quilt and a feathered scroll design in the border by One Song Needle Arts.  The traditional look of the quilting fits well with the traditional quilt design.  The spool pattern has been used in quilts for over 100 years and can look traditional or modern depending on the choice of fabrics, or how the blocks are set into the quilt top.


This quilt will make a lovely gift.




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