Red and Green Applique Deliciousness

Ooh!  I love Red and Green Applique quilts and this one is a beauty.  It is from central Missouri and features Rose and Rosebud variation blocks set on point with a sashing.  Stems in the border are made from a 2-step green fabric, which is printed yellow and then printed with blue or the reverse.


Two very different shades of pink printed fabric make up the roses, one is a polka dot variation (perhaps from madder, because of it’s more ‘cinnamon’ shade)  and the other is a printed double pink.IMG_1979

The corners are cut out to allow the quilt to lay nicely on a 4-poster bed.  Quilting in the sashing strips is 1/2 inch diagonal lines and in the blocks the quilting is a 1/2 inch grid–all by hand through cotton batting.  The difference between the two very similar, but different quilting designs adds subtle texture and structure to the quilt, which you can see in the picture below.IMG_1975

I found some additional red and green applique quilts from online auctions:

I also did a Pinterest search which you can find here.  In addition, I searched the Quilt Index and found these quilts. I’d love to see your quilt treasures on my appraisal table, I have appointments available, please either comment below or email me to set a date and time.

Enjoy your quilting adventure!!

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