On the Longarm today…

Today I had the privilege of quilting this wonderful table runner.  In the midst of quilting larger quilts, quilting something smaller is refreshing.  The first thing I liked about the runner are the wedge shapes, straight lines and circles.  The fabrics included some tone on tones, some text, and some small prints.


I kept all of these things in mind, as I looked for a quilting design.  I found this design, by Cyndi Herrman which came with my Statler Stitcher, called ‘Circles and Lines’:

wedge runner 2

On the quilt top the mock-up shows the circles and the straight lines of the quilting design, but I wasn’t sure that I liked it.  Next, I adjusted the design slightly keeping straight lines and circles, but changing the regular straight lines to create more wedge-like shapes.

Wedge runner

I felt like this design complimented the top and gave the quilt design more movement.  I chose a light gray color thread which blended into the fabrics and the following is the result:


The quilting provides texture to the top and accents the design.


Have a quilty day!!!

2 thoughts on “On the Longarm today…

  1. Love it! I think by you chsnging the straight lines to angled lines, it really compliments the table runner design. Nice work!!!

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