We Support You!! Eight Days A Week!

Thank you so much Madame Samm and Pat Broe for such a fun pattern and blog hop.  We all used this wonderful retro pattern by Madame Samm, which you can purchase by e-mailing her:  madamesamm@me.com for $12.00.  Madame Samm created the pattern and the original quilt to help a friend who was facing a cancer diagnosis.  Throughout the blog hop I have read touching and interesting stories about each blogger’s experience with cancer or other serious illness.  Every project has been touching and thoughtful.


When I first signed up for the hop I was clueless about what I was going to create, although I thought it should be fun, practical and inspiring.  Our family has experienced a lot of loss, cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, heart disease…. I would love to give each one of those who I’ve lost one more hug.  However, with each of those losses I was fortunate to see family members care for each other.  My quilt is for the care givers.  Those are the people who care–Eight Days a Week, 25 hours a day.  I was inspired by The Beatles song “Eight Days a Week” by Paul McCartney and John Lennon:

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me

I ain’t got nothing but love, babe

Eight days a week

Eight days a week

I love you

Eight days a week

Is not enough to show I care


I was also inspired by an exhibit of ‘envelope’ quilts which were made for Veterans and shown at the AQS show in Paducah last year.  Each block had an envelope pocket made of fabric into which people added notes, or gift cards, or other trinkets.  Earlier in the year a group of friends created a friendship quilt for one of us who had been experiencing health issues.  Each of us wrote a message on our block to encourage her.  All of these ideas tumbled around in my brain until I had a lightbulb moment!  I made each of the bra cups, fully lined and padded :), into a little pocket, just the right size for a little note of encouragement or a gift card.  Because each caregiver ‘loves’ Eight Days a Week, there is a bra for each of those days.  In keeping with the retro feeling, I hand embroidered each with the days of the week..
And yes, there is an ‘itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini’ in there as well, because we all need to laugh and smile, even if it is through tears.  You may notice some of the straps are twisted and some bras are a little lopsided, because my sense of humor is twisted and lopsided, er, not my sewing.
Please visit the other talented bloggers on the hop:

45 thoughts on “We Support You!! Eight Days A Week!

  1. What a wonderful quilt! As a hospice volunteer, I see so many caregivers who have no clue as to how amazing they are. Your quit is a fine and fitting tribute to each and every one of them. Thanks for sharing your creation with us today!

  2. What an amazing quilt! The fabric choice makes it so cheery! I love the idea behind it (but was the padding really needed? LOL). Amazing work and lovely done at that!

  3. What a fun idea with the little pockets… Nothing beats those little words of inspiration for those in need. What a fun way to keep them! Love love love it! yeah, yeah, yeah , yeah…being the Beatles fan that I am! 🙂

  4. Your quilt is lovely and I think it is a great idea. All of your little bras are so cute and how nice to make them so they can be used as little trinket holders.

  5. I love the idea that everyone can write a message or some wishes on paper and put it in the bra…. when I was younger and eager to go to any dancing Event every weekend, I always put the whole money into my bra, because I knew exactly this was THE place where nobody was going to touch without my permission 🙂
    Lovely reminder!

  6. Love your message. The embroidery on each one is so cute, and I also like them looking as if you tossed them on the quilt here and there with the floppy little straps going this way and that. What a fun quilt.

  7. What a creative and wonderful way to show your support, Elli! I shall have this song playing in my head all day … and tomorrow morning when I go in for my annual mammogram and I shall be thankful for all the caregivers who work everyday to help us stay strong. I love the journey your creative process took … the fabric choices, the little padded bra pockets, the “day of the week” embroidery. All these little details add up to one wonderful quilt! Thank you for sewing your support and joining in this hop … ❤ Pat

  8. Very cute quilt! Being a care giver is a hard job. My sister-in-law and my brother both took care of her mother while she had pancreatic cancer. They were both with her when she died. Not easy. Thanks for your support.

  9. The Support of this hop is truly amazing and the projects are wonderful. Now I see your HeArt is also encompassing the amazing caregivers of the world with this fun and heartwarming Bra quilt with room for notes and messages. Thank you sew truly for Supporting and hopping. Blessings and Healing Energy for Everyone!

  10. Love your vision, great idea worked into a great quilt. Yellow polka dot bikini is very cool. It’s wonderful to look to and celebrate the caregivers.

  11. You are right – it is the support of the caregivers that get us through our trials and tribulations. They give and give and give even when they think they can give no more. Care giving becomes life for many. When someone dies, the caregiver is lost and doesn’t know what to do. That person has to find a new identity. We just discussed that this week in my grief group. Your quilt is adorable and I love the song and the yellow polka dot bikini. The humor made me laugh and enjoy it more and more. I appreciate that you honored the care givers and their giving in this fight. Great job!

  12. My goodness, you certainly put lots of thought into your quilt. I love that you had a song in your head, the idea of having the days of the week on each bra, and making the bras so a special message can be tucked into the cups. I enlarged the bras so I could really see their design and love Tuesday and Wednesday – but all are wonderful. Support the cause and the girls!

  13. Wow! Wonderful redo of another great idea. The bra pockets will hold messages of encouragement and give a lift to the caregiver. Love the retro handwork and your influence from the Beatles. Good going!

  14. Great project….As a 1 year Breast Cancer survivor I appreciate seeing all the projects that I know were made with love and care.

  15. Love it. It hits all the right notes for a cheerful and thoughtful gift for the caregivers. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a wonderful and adorable quilt with such beautiful thoughts both for the caregivers who give so much and the person going through the journey of Cancer. Thanks for the support from a BC survivor.

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