Tammy 4 all seasons

Welcome blog hoppers!! My  ‘season’ is Spring and I had an absolutely delightful cross stitch pattern by Brooke Nolan to stitch for my Tammy Bag by Madame Samm.  The Tammy bag is the perfect size for a hand stitching project.  The ‘pinny’ by Cori Blunt is a perfect accessory for the bag–I will no longer put my pins and needles in arm chairs now that I have this pinny.  I starting taking photos outside, hoping that ‘Spring’ would come despite the cold temperatures and snow.  However the cold chased me inside to complete them.Bag back

The back of the bag has a pocket with a “faux” binding, a convenient place for a pattern.  The back of the pinny has a thread catcher and a place to store your needles.

Bag inside

I placed two divided pockets in the interior of the bag to store my scissors, reading glasses and other supplies.  I found this lovely aqua gingham in my stash and I knew it would be perfect because each of Brooke Nolan’s designs has some gingham depicted in cross stitch. I was so excited by the prospect of cross stitching again that I stitched all 3 of the remaining seasonal designs and got a good start on the Tammy bags and pinnys for them as well.

Other Seasons

Please come back and visit me to see the finished projects.  Please visit all of the people on today’s hop:

Lovelli Quilts (you are here)

It Seams To Be Sew (has been moved to the 16th)
Cheryl Wilkinson will post to Ipiece2-Mary
Stitchen’ My Life Away
Thank you Madame Samm and Mary our wonderful cheerleader.  Have a quilty day!
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48 thoughts on “Tammy 4 all seasons

  1. I think Spring is my favorite season and your bag just warms the heart and makes me anxious to throw on a spring dress. The fabric you chose really compliments the cross stitch. You are truly a cross stitcher….all 4 complete!

  2. That is one gorgeous Tammy bag! I absolutely love it. Your fingers must be bleeding after having stitched all the designs! I was impressed with you completing just the one! Amazing. Well done.

  3. Now that I’ve seen yours I’m going to have to do the spring one! It’s just darling…and the divided pockets are so perfect. I’ve done two of the patterns, and have the fabric and thread sorted for the third. So fun! blessings, marlene

  4. Oh my goodness, you really got into cross stitching those cute designs…love it! Your bag and pinny with the gingham turned out so beautiful!

  5. Springtime is my favorite, too. It’s the season of ‘promise’…..so much unknown wonderfulness lies ahead (most of all….warmth!!!!)! The Tammy bag and pinny are so sweet and I, too, can see how you went right on to completing all.

  6. Your Spring Tammy with the gingham is adorable! I wanted to use gingham with mine but the color I had in stash was all wrong. I am on a “no buy” sabattical for the first half of 2015 so I went with a dotted fabric.. you will have to come over to see mine on the 20th.

    Kudos to you for getting all 4 designs cross stitched! I opted for one of Brooke’s free patterns to do a second Tammy… I want to do the other vintage designs too but it will have to wait for later.

    Great job!

  7. O, what a pretty Tammy bag, the perfect place for your cross stich supplies. I can’t believe you got the other seasons done too. It took all I had to do one. Give yourself a big pat on the back from me….you certainly deserve it!!

  8. The gingham fabric matches the gingham in the dress perfectly! I look forward to seeing how you put the next 3 bags together. Beautiful work!

  9. Beautiful! Green and yellow … love it! The green gingham is a perfect compliment to your lovely stitching. Looking forward to seeing all your pretty Tammies … 🙂 Pat

  10. WOWSERS!!!! ALL FOUR STITCHED????? You must have some good short cuts to teach me! Those are just lovely..and you did a great job with all of them… AWESOME!

  11. What a lovely spring bag. Love the aqua, love the gingham…..heck, I love it all! And you have the other three done too. They are so pretty, can’t wait to see them as Tammys. Thank you for sharing, it brightened my day.

  12. You certainly made a “wowing” project. The gingham is just perfect for that spring Tammy bag. Your prolific cross stitch is absolutely amazing and all the “pinny” projects absolutely blow me away. You are going to be in business once all your friends aee all your seasonal Tammys. Thanks for participating and being a great, great inspiration.

  13. Wow, you completed all of the x-stitching and Pinny designs? You must be a super fast stitcher. Your Tammy Bag and Pinny are fabulous! Love the gingham fabric.

  14. What a lovely spring bag. Of course, the gingham is fab! I sure do like the multi fabric lining – a special sparkle.

  15. You are such a busy lady! I am in awe that you did all four…quite an accomplishment from my point of view. I will be staying tuned to see your completed bags. Spring is just beautiful! Hugs, Cori

  16. All of your Tammy Bag counted cross stitch are just lovely, especially your spring bag. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  17. I really like the colors you worked with for your Tammy and pinny. Very fresh and hopeful (hoping spring will arrive soon.) You must be a power stitcher to be able to have done all of your cross stitch and pinny embroideries, plus your darling Tammy Bag. Everything is just beautiful!

  18. Just absolutely fabulous and I love the colours you chose. Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings Sandra

  19. Oh, such an adorable Spring combo – I especially love your fabric choices. And you made all four?? Awesome! Can’t wait to see all your finished projects. Wonderful!

  20. Hello Lovelli

    I’m one of Vicki’s 40 helpers for the Grow Your Blog Party 2015.
    I’m checking that everyone on my list has their post published, with links back to Vicki’s GYB post!

    I’m just letting you know that you have until 9pm today 25th January, to publish your GYB post to be in the party.
    I know how time slips away with all of us.

    What an accomplished quilter you are, I’m sure all the quilters at the GYB party will want to visit you and read your special party post!

    Please either email me or Vicki if you no longer wish to be a part of it.

    I’ll pop back later in the day!
    Bye for now

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