Finish–The Professional Bag


The Professional Bag was on my bag bucket list.  I purchased the pattern several years ago, because of it’s many pockets.  I finally made and finished it last spring (notice the green grass and flowers).  As I was going through this year’s pictures I found photos of the bag and realized that I had not yet blogged about it.  The bag features outer pockets on each end for water bottles or umbrellas, and has two pockets on the front, on of which is zippered, and one pocket on the back.  The back also features a very sturdy strap which will secure the bag to a rolling bag.


The inside of the bag has a center pocket, which I padded with soft and stable interfacing.  I can carry a small laptop in it or a tablet.


One side of the inside of the bag has two open pockets and one pocket with a hook and loop closure flap.  The other side has a pocket for pens, a key fob holder, and a pocket.  IMG_1035-1122814 IMG_1037122814

All of the pockets have separate purposes and help to keep me organized.  For the outer fabric I used Navy Essex Linen and an ikat print.  I used the bag throughout the spring and summer, with no issues.      The pattern was well written and easy to understand which made it possible to sew in a weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Finish–The Professional Bag

  1. Great fabric choices! I think I will have to explore some such for myself since my ‘go-to’ bag is showing definite signs of age and was made “way back when” before such things as smart phones, etc. I really like all the pocket features that your pattern includes and it’s pretty (always important!!!!!). Happy New Year and I hope to see you at the Feb. meeting(?). We plan on a few weeks in Texas this month/first part of next so will be missing a few quilt group meetings.

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