Travelling Stash Box

Ta Da!!  Let me introduce to you the Travelling Stash Box (with apologies for the horrid photo):


Inside you will find some of the following treasures:  fabric, patterns galore, a few books and some small surprises.   The fabric comes in many varieties, including some novelties perfect for an Eye Spy or Economy Block quilt.  The variety of patterns will fit any taste:  some clothing, some traditional, some modern, and some just too cute to pass on!  I placed the following items in the box:



A wonderful kit using Moda Mirabelle and a the book, Never Been Stitched.

Here are the rules:

1. You must be an active blogger to receive the box.

2. Anything within the box is free for the taking. Just replace everything that you take with something of comparable quality.

3. Post about receiving the box, host the giveaway to pass on the box to another blogger, and send the box in a timely manner!

4. The box is heavy, so this will open to US bloggers only.

The box has visited 32 different bloggers! I am planning to transfer it from its current box to a Flat Rate box so it will be easy peasy to keep passing around.

To enter, just comment with your blog address to confirm that you are an active blogger! I will close the contest next Wednesday and announce the winner next Thursday.

Have a quilty day!!

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