Designing Starlight on Water with EQ7 Serendipity, part 2

In part 1, I discussed how I took the inspiration photograph from Design Seeds, drew a block, and then created 8 different blocks with EQ7’s Block>Serendipity>Kaleidoscope.  I chose to add 4 of those blocks to my Sketchbook:

Next I thought that I would like a compass rose-type star as the center of my design.  Individual blocks can be set into stars using EQ7’s Block>Serendipity>Fancy Star Block.

Starlight i

I chose the first block from the Kaleidoscope, see image above, indicated by the turquoise selection box on the left of the Create a Star dialogue box.  I checked Add a background patch, selected 8 points, and slid the slider bar until the star was almost to the perimeter of the background patch.  Last, I clicked the Add to Sketchbook button.

I chose to place these blocks in a Quilt>New>On point quilt.  The Layout was 6×6 12 inch blocks.  I usually add a 1/2 inch border to all of my designs, indicating the binding.  I recolored several blocks to get the color placement and progression which felt ‘rippley’ to me.

Here are some additional quilts which I have designed using EQ7’s Block>Serendipity>Kaleidoscope:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next step in the process is to draw the files  into a vector drawing program and then prepare the fabric for laser cutting.  Stay tuned…

Have a quilty day!

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