Pie in the Sky, A Finish !!


At times I felt like this quilt would never be finished–the cutting seemed to take forever and the sewing seemed to take forever.  The pattern I used was taken from Kim Diehl’s book Simple Comforts.   I used up a collection of assorted civil war reproduction fat quarters, unfortunately, it seems like the bins of reproduction fabrics have not reduced in number.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I joined in with a group of friends to make Pie in the Sky, the challenge was to make it completely with stash and I met that challenge.  I used about 60 fat quarters (with some 2 1/2″  strips and squares left over).  Kim’s directions were well written and clear.  However, if I were to make the quilt again I would use some strip piecing methods to be more efficient, especially with the sashing.  I arranged the blocks and the sashing on my design wall very carefully, and then took it off, accidentally turned some of the blocks, and sashing.  Instead of ripping, I decided that that was just a ‘happy accident’ and went on.  I don’t think anyone can tell and that is the beauty of Kim’s design.  I quilted it with an allover floral/paisley/meander which just adds texture and lets the fabric shine.

051514Pie in the sky 5

Have a quilty weekend!!

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