Quilting in the dark (or, opening my eyes)

I must confess after 2  ‘snow’ days, in a row, trapped in the house (-20 is too cold for me), I have started to feel a touch of cabin fever.  This week while working in basement, quilting away, I felt like the room was a little on the dark side.  hmmm, I wonder why?  Oh, I have 6 light bulbs out, perfect job for DS2 who is bored to death and 6’3″…That didn’t seem to do the job, why?  Oh, well, it’s winter, the sun doesn’t seem to go any higher than 40 degrees in the sky and it’s cloudy?  Yes, to the low flying sun, no to the cloudy sky.  Then I walked into the sewing room and looked out the window:


Yes, that is snow, blocking the window, and, thus, all light.  I chose that room for its sunlight and southern exposure!  I am going to make the best of this–perhaps the scene from my window will be inspiration for a ‘low volume’ quilt. 😉

I finished a client quilt today, she used the pattern Rear Window, from Blue Underground.  I quilted it using the pattern Swirls Simple, by Kim Diamond.  I think the spirals soften the lines and squares of this quilt.  The quilt makes me think of a warm spring day…

Color and pattern first attracted me to quilting.  It has been an opportunity to meld together interests in geometry, art, history, and fiber.  I first thought about starting a quilting business when we lived in Ottawa.  Life had other plans for me at the time.  However, I made use of the delay by thinking about my business, what my strengths are, and learning more (there is always more to learn!).  I love to see people wrapped in my quilts–kids, family, friends.  As a result, most of the quilts I’ve made have been given away.  I love to surround myself with the work of my hands.  I love to teach people techniques.  I love to watch students gain confidence in their skills and their creative voice.  I love to teach people about the quilty treasures they own.  I love to Quilt!!!


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7 thoughts on “Quilting in the dark (or, opening my eyes)

  1. Just beautiful quilting Elli — and nice to meet you! I just finished reading your About Me – it’s a very touching story. Sending praises your way for all the wonderful things you do. Take care now and stay warm… PS – Thanks for the nice comment on my blog — so much appreciated. Karen

  2. I agree – the quilt looks like spring. I live in Minnesota where we are AGAIN getting more snow. Will need to shovel in order to open the back door.

  3. I like your thought after looking out the window with all the snow blocking your view…well yes of course a low volume quilt…the quilter’s wheels a turning! LOL

    beautiful quilting!! I totally agree with how WONDERFUL it is to quilt too!!

  4. your quilting is beautiful! and wow! that is quite a lot of snow. I have to admit that I’m the tiniest bit jealous!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and welcome to the party!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Your quilting looks beautiful! When it snows here (not terribly often in Albuquerque)–I love how the snow reflects all the sunlight into my sewing room! I wish it were like that everyday.

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