WIP Thursday

Nothing feels better than cuddling up to some hand work on a cold, snowy winter day.  I started working on Sue Spargo’s design, Crimson Tweed two years ago.  It has been my “take-along” project, the quilt which is worked on during vacations, retreats, open-sew days at my local quilt shop, etc.  I’m finally seeing the finished quilt on my horizon, what will I work on then?  I love the luscious reds of the hand dyed wools, chenilles, silk and velvet–they make me feel warm.


Embellishing the applique with glittery thread reminds me of the glittery ice crystals outside and the snow which is falling/blowing.


All of the Christmas tree has been taken down now or taken for compost.  I’m happily stitching away with soft and lustrous silk threads.


My poinsettia has finally died, but the flowers stitched on my quilt remain vibrant.



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