Quilting in the dark (or, opening my eyes)

I must confess after 2  ‘snow’ days, in a row, trapped in the house (-20 is too cold for me), I have started to feel a touch of cabin fever.  This week while working in basement, quilting away, I felt like the room was a little on the dark side.  hmmm, I wonder why?  Oh, I have 6 light bulbs out, perfect job for DS2 who is bored to death and 6’3″…That didn’t seem to do the job, why?  Oh, well, it’s winter, the sun doesn’t seem to go any higher than 40 degrees in the sky and it’s cloudy?  Yes, to the low flying sun, no to the cloudy sky.  Then I walked into the sewing room and looked out the window:


Yes, that is snow, blocking the window, and, thus, all light.  I chose that room for its sunlight and southern exposure!  I am going to make the best of this–perhaps the scene from my window will be inspiration for a ‘low volume’ quilt. 😉

I finished a client quilt today, she used the pattern Rear Window, from Blue Underground.  I quilted it using the pattern Swirls Simple, by Kim Diamond.  I think the spirals soften the lines and squares of this quilt.  The quilt makes me think of a warm spring day…

Color and pattern first attracted me to quilting.  It has been an opportunity to meld together interests in geometry, art, history, and fiber.  I first thought about starting a quilting business when we lived in Ottawa.  Life had other plans for me at the time.  However, I made use of the delay by thinking about my business, what my strengths are, and learning more (there is always more to learn!).  I love to see people wrapped in my quilts–kids, family, friends.  As a result, most of the quilts I’ve made have been given away.  I love to surround myself with the work of my hands.  I love to teach people techniques.  I love to watch students gain confidence in their skills and their creative voice.  I love to teach people about the quilty treasures they own.  I love to Quilt!!!


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Quilts of Valor

The Quilts of Valor foundation delivers comfort in the form of a quilt to combat veterans.  Longarm quilters volunteer to provide batting, thread, and quilting services for quilt tops.  I’m lucky to assist quilt makers finish their quilts with quilting.  Before Christmas I quilted 4 quilts for a client.  I changed the original quilting design so that I could place each block’s individually and have my Statler Stitcher quilt from one edge to another.  I’m really thankful to Joan Knight, Page Johnson, and Anita Shackleford who taught me how to edit designs.  The design which I modified was Flower Block 6 with Star which came standard on my Statler. Modifying it to stitch from each block’s point to point was well worth the effort!


WIP Thursday

Nothing feels better than cuddling up to some hand work on a cold, snowy winter day.  I started working on Sue Spargo’s design, Crimson Tweed two years ago.  It has been my “take-along” project, the quilt which is worked on during vacations, retreats, open-sew days at my local quilt shop, etc.  I’m finally seeing the finished quilt on my horizon, what will I work on then?  I love the luscious reds of the hand dyed wools, chenilles, silk and velvet–they make me feel warm.


Embellishing the applique with glittery thread reminds me of the glittery ice crystals outside and the snow which is falling/blowing.


All of the Christmas tree has been taken down now or taken for compost.  I’m happily stitching away with soft and lustrous silk threads.


My poinsettia has finally died, but the flowers stitched on my quilt remain vibrant.



Finish-a-long 2014 Q1

I’ve decided to join in the FAL hosted by the Littlest Thistle Craft Shop (“http://thelittlestthistlecraftshop.blogspot.com) .

Here is my first quarter list:

1.  Pie in the Sky (pattern by Kim Diehl)

Pie in the Sky, EQ7 mock up, pattern by Kim Diehl
Pie in the Sky, EQ7 mock up, pattern by Kim Diehl

The quilting is done, I need to sew the binding and label on.

2.  Flower Strip quilt–the quilting is done, I need to sew the binding and label on.

3. Winding Ways–the quilting is done, I need to sew the binding and label on.

4.  1930’s reproduction quilt–the quilting is done, I need to sew the binding and label on.

5.  Quilt the 4 Quilts of Valor tops which I have received.

6.  Finish Imperial Blooms, pattern by Sue Spargo (www.suespargo.com).

7.  Finish Crimson Tweed, pattern by Sue Spargo.

8. Riley Blake Modern Quilt Guild Challenge.  Here is part of my mock-up in EQ7:

Riley Blake Challenge

The fabrics have arrived and I am so excited to start sewing on this wall quilt.  I am so thankful for the fabric which Riley Blake (www.rileyblakedesigns.com) provided to all of the members of the Modern Quilt Guild (http://www.themodernquiltguild.com/ ).  Of course, I couldn’t resist adding some additional Riley Blake to my design.

9. Mission Triangles, this is a quilt I have made with the help of our Mission Stitchers group at Onalaska UMC from donated flannel triangles.  It will be soft and warm.  Here is the EQ7 mockup:

Mission Triangles
Mission Triangles

10.  Log Cabin quilt–the quilting is done, I need to sew the binding and label on.


11.  Various mug rugs, place mats, and table runners–the quilting is done, I need to sew the binding and label on.


I think that is enough, for now.  I do need to sew a lot of bindings onto quilts–there are a great number of binding tutorials out in blog-land, but I will also write one.  One of my goals this past year has been to improve my bindings.  I’ve learned a great deal about binding as I have worked on that goal.

As you can tell from the list, I will try any technique, any medium.  I’m easily distracted  and when I feel like I’ve mastered a technique, I move to the next new thing/fabric/quilt, etc.  I have a ‘finish’ issue, lol.  I’m hoping the FAL 2014 will help me to focus.


Goals for the new year

I can’t believe it, I’m actually writing my first post, on my first blog.  I know that my website needs some work so I hope that you will bear with me as I learn WordPress and perfect my pages.  My goals for the year are:

Website—blog 2 times per week

Finish Riley Blake Challenge

Develop a list of my UFOs

Complete 50% of UFOs

Continue to learn my Statler software

Complete at least one quilt for a show

Apply to take the Certified Appraiser exam

Continue to grow my quilt collection

OK, some of the goals may not be attainable, but I will revise them as the year goes on.  I will be able to concentrate and not be distracted by the latest/greatest/new/shiny thing to come along, lol.