We Support You!! Eight Days A Week!

Thank you so much Madame Samm and Pat Broe for such a fun pattern and blog hop.  We all used this wonderful retro pattern by Madame Samm, which you can purchase by e-mailing her: for $12.00.  Madame Samm created the pattern and the original quilt to help a friend who was facing a cancer diagnosis. […]

Quilt Design a Day January Designs

I try to design every day and upload the design to Quilt Design a Day.  This wonderful group of designers is so warm and supportive that it is a real pleasure to see what every one creates and to read the comments on every one’s designs. Please visit again on February 5 for the We […]


Finish A-long 1st Quarter

My word for 2015 is: Concentrate.  I realized, after looking back at 2014, that I tried to do too many things and that I tried to be too many people, e.g. mom, quilter, volunteer, blogger, appraiser, design, office manager…..  I also realized that I start a great many projects and finish very few.  Concentrate is […]